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April – Explore Molène

In the heart of the Iroise Sea, Molène is a small haven of peace for a great many marine species that roam the coasts and surroundings of the various tiny islands in this archipelago. Now that spring has arrived, it’s a great time to discover the flora and fauna of this group of islands, just as nature is waking up.

A tour around the main island should pose no problem as it is completely covered with earth, making it very accessible, and it means you can follow the coastline with no difficulty.

On the island’s shores, you can admire the habitats of the famous ‘Molène cormorants’ (although you’re unlikely to find the home of the equally famous ‘Molène sausage’ on your walk!) as well as various species of animal such as European sea otters or even grey seals. If you’re lucky, you might spot a few dolphins out at sea, or perhaps spot a fin belonging to one of the five species of sharks that have been recorded around the island.

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