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December – Give time more time

The year is drawing to a close, and just like every year we tell ourselves that time passes quickly, much too quickly. So, how would it be if for just one day we could stop time? On the Île de Sein, far from the stresses of the mainland, treat yourself to some time out far from the worries of everyday life.

Here, there are no cars; in fact there are no vehicles at all. Walk around the place where Finistère’s first ‘Sailors’ Shelter’ was born. Use the opportunity to browse the galleries of local artists, who can communicate the feelings of island life better than anyone else.

Amble through the streets of the village, then if the weather permits, go exploring to the furthest reaches of the island where there are no traces of civilisation, facing the sea or looking towards France’s own Land’s End: the Pointe du Raz. Fill your lungs with the fresh sea air and clear your head at the same time; you will be surprised how serene you can feel in just one day.

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