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February – Island Lighthouses

Since the dawn of time, hidden rocks have been dreaded by even the most experienced sailors. And Finistère’s reefs are no exception. At the foot of the lighthouse Phare du Créac’h on Île d’Ouessant, you can visit the lighthouse and beacon museum (Musée des phares et balises), dedicated to those shining towers to whom so many sailors owe their survival.

All year long, the museum retraces the history of maritime signals. And in what better place than the bottom of Phare du Creac'h? Recognised as one of the most powerful lighthouses in the world, its halo of light is visible nearly 60 kilometres away.

But beyond this lighthouse, the museum also concentrates much of its exhibition on other local lighthouses, such as those named Le Stiff, Nividic, Kéréon and – further away – the Raz de Sein and the one of the Île aux moutons. A hint for visitors: the museum entrance is also the entrance for the Ecomuseum (écomusée du Niou), so be sure to make the most of it!

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