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Getting here

Taking one island at a time, here’s the practical information you’ll need to reach these gems of Finistère, as well as useful links to help you book your travel.

By plane or by boat, you’ll find the answers to all your questions here: simply follow the guide!

By boat, you can get to the islands all year round. The only exception is the Glénan islands, which you can only access from April to September.

Ouessant can also be reached throughout the year by plane.

Crossings for each island


The crossing

Le Conquet is the most popular port for taking a boat to Ouessant, but other crossings are available from Brest, Lanildut and Camaret.

The crossing takes between 40 minutes (leaving from Le Conquet) and 2½ hours (leaving from Brest).

By plane, you can get to Ouessant from Brest-Bretagne airport in Guipavas. The Finist'Air airline offers 2 return flights a day from Monday to Friday plus a return flight on Saturday. Please note that the plane can only seat 9 passengers.

Car Parks

In Le Conquet, there are fee-paying car parks just outside the town (and a drop-off point at the quayside). Free shuttle buses will take you from the car park to the quayside.

In Brest, there are two free car parks to choose from: the ‘Parc à Chaîne’ for a day trip, or the ‘Pied de Falaise’ car park if you want to leave your car for several days.

In Camaret and Lanildut, car parks are free and are very close to the quayside.

Boat & Ferry companies – regular crossings

Compagnie Penn ar Bed: leaving from Brest, Le Conquet and Camaret (in July and August).

Compagnie Finist'Mer: from April to early October leaving from Le Conquet and Camaret, and from May to September leaving from Lanildut.


The crossing

The majority of boat trips to Molène leave from Le Conquet but there is also a crossing from Brest throughout the year, and from Camaret in July and August.

The crossing to Molène takes between 30 minutes (from Le Conquet) and 1½ hours (from Brest).

Car Parks

Le Conquet has fee-paying car parks just outside the town. You cannot park in the centre of near the quayside (it’s a Blue Zone, with a drop-off point only). Free shuttle buses can take you from the car parks to the quayside.

In Brest, there are free car parks. The ‘Parc à Chaîne’ is best for a one-day trip, while the ‘Pied de Falaise’ car park is better for longer stays.

In Camaret, car parks are very close to the quayside and they are free.

Boat & Ferry companies – regular crossings

Compagnie Penn ar Bed: leaving from Brest, Le Conquet and Camaret (in July and August).

Compagnie Finist'Mer: from Le Conquet, only in July and August.

Île de Sein

The crossing

The boats for Sein leave from Audierne, with additional summer crossings from Brest via Camaret. Please note: in bad weather, the boat might leave from Douarnenez.

The crossing takes between 1 hour (from Audierne) and 1½ hours (from Brest).

Car Parks

At the port of Sainte Évette in Audierne, you can park for free just next to the quayside.

In Brest (at the ‘Parc à Chaîne’ or ‘Pied de Falaise’ car park) and in Camaret, the car parks are also free and close to the quayside.

Boat & Ferry companies – regular crossings

Compagnie Penn ar Bed: crossings from Audierne all year round and from Brest via Camaret in summer.

Compagnie Finist'Mer: crossings from Audierne in summer.

Île de Batz

The crossing

To reach the Île de Batz, you can leave from the old port of Roscoff, in the town.

There are regular crossings and the trip only takes around 15 minutes. Please note: crossing times can change when there are very high tides (when the tide coefficient is over 100).

Car Parks

The town-centre car parks are free, although some are fee-paying in the summer. There is a long-stay car park at the train station.

Boat & Ferry companies – regular crossings

Three companies operate crossings to the Île de Batz, taking turns and offering the same rates: CFTM - Vedettes de l'île de Batz, Armein and Armor excursions. You simply need to come to the quayside in the town before the boat is due to leave (individual passengers don’t need to book in advance).

Les Glénan

The crossing

There are regular crossings to the Glénan islands from Bénodet, from April to September. In the summer, you can also leave from Beg Meil (near Fouesnant), Port-la-Forêt (La Forêt-Fouesnant), Concarneau and Loctudy.

The crossing takes about 1 hour.

Car Parks

There are free car parks in Bénodet, Beg Meil, Port-la-Forêt and Loctudy.

In Concarneau, you can choose between a free car park at the train station (about 20 minutes’ walk from the quayside) and a fee-paying car park at the ‘criée’ fish harbour (about 10 minutes’ walk).

Boat & Ferry companies – regular crossings

Crossings from the mainland to the Glénan islands are run by Les Vedettes de l'Odet.


With your children

For children, particularly young children, the travel conditions are the same as for adults. However, we advise that you take a small first-aid kit with you, in case of any minor injuries.

Prices vary with each company: some offer free crossings for those under 1 or 2 years old, others ask a small fee. Simply ask when booking your crossing.

With a pet

If you’re travelling with pets, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Check that their vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Consider taking a first-aid kit for your pet, which might include tweezers, safety scissors, tick tweezers, digital thermometer, disposable gloves, muzzle, disinfectant, medication and ointment.

On a boat, only dogs are allowed. In a plane, large dogs must travel in a cage, while smaller dogs and cats must travel in a plastic cage or a suitable pet-carrier.

Your pets will also need a ticket, so remember to ask the boat companies about this when booking your trip.

With a bike

These islands are a paradise for exploring on two wheels, but however much you love your own bike, it’s usually best to hire a bike once you’re there. To make this simple, the islands have bike-hire centres located near the arrival port.

If you come to Ouessant by plane, you can even request that your bikes be brought directly to the airport.

On the other hand, if you really want to bring your own bike with you, remember to inform the staff when booking, as you’ll need to pay a small fee.

One final note: while your bike is welcome on Ouessant and Batz, you won’t be able to cycle on Sein, Molène or Glénan, as these islands are for pedestrians only.

Useful contacts

Below, you’ll find a list of contacts for companies offering regular crossings to the islands. Many options and packages are also available from other companies upon request, such as day trips, cruising around the islands, and trips in traditional sail boats.

Ask your nearest Tourist Office or Town Hall for details of the different trips on offer for the island that you have in mind.

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