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Ile de Batz

In the very north of Finistère, the Île de Batz overflows with places to see and visit. Just a few minutes from Roscoff by boat, this extraordinary island leads you to one surprise after another. From its port, located at the centre of the island, you will need several days - if not several visits - to discover everything that this island has to offer.

Beaches of fine sand, the semaphore, coastal shelters and exotic garden and so much more: Batz is just waiting to reveal its secrets to you. Please note that this is one of only two islands (the other being Ouessant) where you are allowed to use a bike.

From the exotic garden to its westernmost point, discover the secrets hidden in this chocolate-box setting, and enjoy total escapism at any time of year.

L'île de Batz - jardin

A tour of the island

On leaving the port, head either east or west and begin your tour of the Île de Batz.

To cover the 12km required, it’s best to choose comfortable trainers rather than a bike as there are no fewer than fourteen beaches dotted around the coast of the little island. Along the way, you can discover the ruins of Chapelle Sainte-Anne, Le Roc’h, the guardhouse or even Poul C’Horz fountain.

All around the island, walk to the rhythm of countless stories that have shaped the many facets of Batz.

L'île de Batz, mare aux canards

The duck and the serpent

‘Nestling in his pond, Mr Duck held a crust of bread in his beak…’ This famous fable by Jean de la Fontaine might not have been inspired by Batz, but you could well think so, as there’s certainly no shortage of animals here. In the heart of the island, the duck pond offers a bucolic resting spot for birds and people alike.

From here, adventurers can head west in the footsteps of Saint Pol, towards the Snake’s Hole (le Trou du serpent) where, according to legend, Saint Pol defended his island by killing a dragon that was terrorising the locals. Budding explorers can set off in search of the dragon’s remains, while the dreamers can simply envisage the scene of this great battle.

The Exotic Garden of G. Delaselle

At the very eastern tip of the island sits one of the seven ‘remarkable gardens’ of Finistère. Founded in the late 19th century, this garden was abandoned for many years following the death of its creator George Delaselle, and had to wait patiently until 1987 when a team of volunteers took charge of it and brought about the garden you see today.

Now, it’s overflowing with exotic plants, palms, cacti and flowers from the ends of the earth. From the Phoenix palm to the golden barrel cactus and the lily of the Incas, hundreds of species are just waiting for your visit.

The Île de Batz lighthouse

Dominating the centre of the island and surrounded by fields of crops, the Batz lighthouse is the symbol of the island. Soaring 67 metres into the sky, it keeps watch over all of north Finistère.

Indeed, having climbed its 198 steps, you can admire the panoramic view that stretches from the Île Vierge (in the abers) to the Sept-Îles (over in the Côtes d'Armor) and even Morlaix Bay and the Arrée Mountains when the weather is really clear.

You can visit the lighthouse from April to September.

Other must-see sites

  • the ‘serpent’s hole’, a place of legend
  • the privateer’s house, to the far west
  • Sainte-Anne Chapel, near the exotic garden
  • the flower-lined alleyways of the town centre

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