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Ile de Sein

Unplug completely from the outside world, make the most of a moment of calm, far from the mainland.

This strip of land with a very distinct seafaring culture, Sein was long known as a shelter for sailors coming into the Pointe du Raz coastal point. The currents that encircle the island, its proximity to the Baie des Trépassés and its shallow surrounding waters made it one of the most feared stretches of water in Finistère.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, in the heart of Iroise Natural Marine Park and Armoric Natural Park, the village of Sein is a place where time seems to stand still. It’s a truly peaceful haven where you can forget the worries of everyday life.

And for the more energetic visitors, although it’s forbidden to use any wheeled transport on the island itself, the watersports centre offers a way to discover the island from the sea, by kayak or by stand-up paddle-board.

Le port de l'île de Sein

Where time means nothing

Listed as a heritage port since 2013, the Port de Sein is a place full of charm, perfect for leisurely strolls between old buildings and boats. Here, time stands still, so do the same and unplug from the outside world to make the most of the moment of calm far from the mainland, in a setting where the passage of time, the wind and the waves have remained unchanged.

And for most of the year, bikes and other wheeled vehicles are forbidden. Everyone is on foot, far from pollution and the noise of engines. It’s a true moment of tranquillity where only the seagulls might disturb your peace as you walk between the village and the sea.

From the Quai des Paimpolais to the Quai des Français Libres, explore the streets, stroll along the seaside and let the sea spray revive you.

Phare de l'île de Sein

The look-out for the Raz de Sein

Goulenez Lighthouse is located on the western point of the Île de Sein. Its black and white silhouette dominates the island and the seas around, known as the Raz de Sein.

With a beam projecting up to 27.5 miles (or 51 km), it joins forces with the other lighthouses of the Pointe du Raz maritime warning system: the Ar Men, la Vieille and the Men Brial.

This is the only lighthouse that you can visit on the island, and it is open from April to September. All you need to do is climb the 360 steps to be rewarded by an unbeatable view over the Iroise Sea!

If stones could talk…

In front of Saint-Guénolé Church in the town, two standing stones have plenty to say. Known as ‘Les causeurs’ (meaning ‘the chatterboxes’ or ‘the gossips’), they earned their nickname because they look like two figures talking to each other, which they have done for thousands of years.

These gossips are also protected, having been classed as Historic Monuments in 1901.

Certainly a sight you don’t want to miss!

The island that helped to win a war

Sein was given the title of ‘Compagnon de la Libération’ at the end of World War Two, commemorating the bravery of its people. This is because the Sein people responded without hesitation to General de Gaulle’s famous appeal on 18th June 1940, sailing the ‘Corbeau des Mers’ to join de Gaulle in London.

The monument dedicated to the Free French in memory of this historic act can be seen on the road leading to Goulenez Lighthouse. A commemorative ceremony is held here every year.

Looking for an all-inclusive break?

You can treat yourself to an all-inclusive trip to the Île de Sein, to discover this exceptional island.

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