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January – Discover the village of Ouessant

At the beginning of the year, the wind is chilly in Finistère. Why not use this time to visit a few unusual villages? Tucked away within the little streets, you’ll be sheltered from the wind and can make the most of your day out.

A few steps from the port, and a few kilometres from the airport, head for the town centre to meander up and down. There are plenty of places to rent in the village, and plenty of shops, too, including crafts, newsagents, food shops and local beauty products. Thread your way through the shops and have fun losing your way in the twists and turns of the Ouessant streets as you discover shop-fronts unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else.

Fans of history and old stories will probably head for the centre of Ouessant, where they can spend their time looking at St-Pol-Aurélien church and the nearby monument dedicated to Ouessant sailors, ‘le Proella’ (which means ‘return to land’, or ‘home-coming’).

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