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May – The garden on the Île de Batz

How about finding plants from all over the world within a 15-minute boat-trip? Leaving from Roscoff, set sail for the Île de Batz and the famous garden of G Delaselle. Located on the very eastern tip of the island, this exotic garden can surprise you at every turn.

From the entrance, aim for the Bronze Age Necropolis, witness of many centuries if not millennia of history. Next, head for the palm grove, hollowed into the ground to protect the trees from the sea winds, a true architectural gem. Pass by the flower-dotted moor overlooking the sea, and set off for the cactus patch, a part of the garden that certainly makes more than a point or two! Finally, before you leave, take a moment to admire the Phoenix palm, the garden’s most recent acquisition, planted in memory of its founders.

Open from April to November, you can visit this garden and tour the world in the space of a short walk. For even more fascinating insights, book a guided tour: the many stories that the garden has to share are well worth hearing.

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