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In the heart of the Iroise Natural Marine Park and Armoric Natural Park, the Molène Archipelago is famous for its abalone shellfish, for cooking with seaweed and for the many tiny islands that countless marine species have chosen to call home. A true paradise for nature-lovers, Molène will delight budding explorers of any age. Around the main island of Molène, fans of seascapes and island life can venture further to the islets towards the east, such as Quémenes, Trielen and Béniguet.

Three islands in Finistère (Ouessant, Molène, Sein) and Molène Archipelago are part of UNESCO "Réserve de Biosphère des Îles et Mer d'Iroise".

Halfway between Ouessant island and the coastal point of Pointe St Mathieu sits Molène, the main island of an archipelago that comprises nine little islands and nine tiny islets. Inhabited since the time of the earliest Gauls, Molène overflows with secrets of a bygone age.  Buffeted by the winds, the island doesn’t have a single tree, so be sure to wrap up warm if you’re visiting in chilly weather!

Molène vue du ciel

The Entrance to the Iroise Sea

In the heart of a Natural Marine Park, Molène is a remarkable patchwork of habitats for many marine species. Seaweed, birds and various fish all find a place to call home.

Although the grey seals and bottlenose dolphins are the stars of this archipelago, several species of shark have also chosen to live here.

During your stay, remember to keep a look-out whenever you’re gazing out to sea!


The song of the sirens

Built in its current form in the early 20th century, Molène Semaphore is one of the icons of the island. For many years, its siren helped coastguards in what is one of the most difficult navigable stretches of water.

Disarmed since the eighties, Molène’s semaphore remains an unmissable testament to the history of the island that’s a must-see when you visit this group of islands.

Against all odds…

While many of the churches in Finistère are several centuries old, Saint Ronan church on Molène is the new kid on the block. Originally, a little chapel stood on this site.

Having already been destroyed once, it was then completely crushed during a storm in the 19th century. Saint Ronan church, as we see it today, dates from 1881, so it’s a relative youngster.

This is not its only point of interest, however: some of the original stones from the church can be found at various points around the island, stone blocks bearing strange carvings.

Treasure-hunters, be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Don’t miss this…

  • head over to the Île de Trielen at low tide (during the extreme tides of August and September)
  • try a bit of shellfish-gathering
  • watch the seabirds and migrating birds coming to nest on the outskirts of the island
  • taste the famous sausage smoked in seaweed

Take to the sea

Treat yourself to a break on this dream island off the west coast of Brittany.

Its fresh, energising air and unspoilt environment are sure to leave you feeling you’ve had a complete break, even if you only visit for one day.

Ready to set sail?

Choose from our range of all-inclusive packages for visiting Molène and its surroundings!

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