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November – Ouessant Lighthouses

At the threshold of the Atlantic Ocean, Ouessant is a passing point for a great number of vessels, so it’s not surprising to find no less than five lighthouses around the island.

Out at sea, Nividic is the most westerly lighthouse in France, and although unmanned, it operates all year round. On the other side of the island, Kéréon lighthouse ensures the safety of ships in the Passage du Fromveur, between Ouessant and the Molène Archipelago. Southeast, Jument is very impressive. It even starred in a French film, The Light (l'Equipier), directed by P. Lioret.

More accessible from dry land, the Phare du Stiff to the north of the island overlooks the little Ouessant port of the same name. Finally, at the foot of the Phare du Créac’h you’ll find a museum of lighthouses and beacons, retracing the history of maritime illumination. A steady light for more than 150 years, this lighthouse is the most powerful in the world with a range of over 60 kilometres. This historic building is one you simply must visit when you come to Île d’Ouessant.

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