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October – The village of Molène

In the month of October, make the most of the last long days of the year to visit the village of Molène. Stripped of all trees, the island and its village overflow with stories well worth hearing. From St Ronan Church to the Semaphore, passing through the archaeological site, Molène always has some surprise up its sleeve.

A little way from the village, Molène’s archaeological site has revealed a lot of information about how various technologies arrived on the island, beginning with the work of the Bronze Age. This site is full of history deeply linked to island life in Finistère.

St Ronan Church, a pillar of the community on Molène, houses a permanent exhibition of relics connected to the sea and sailors.

Finally, the semaphore remains an important building for the island, and one of which local residents are very fond. The museum retraces the daily life on the island, the history of SNSM (the French Lifeboat Association)  and the Drummond Castle shipwreck.

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