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September – A tour of the Île de Batz

After a 15-minute crossing from Roscoff, disembark on Batz and begin your tour of this very special island.

Head east just as you leave the village. There, tracing the line of sandy beaches, you will arrive between the exotic garden and the ruins of the Chapelle Saint Anne. From here, you have two options: explore the sand dunes to the north of the island, or go back towards the village and take the path to the north further along.

Once you’ve arrived at the shelter of Bigole right in the north of the island, set off towards the duck pond before reaching Le Roc’h and then The Snake’s Hole (trou du serpent), one of the legendary spots on the island. Heading back to the port by the south-west coast, you’ll pass in front of the guardhouse and Pors Retter. You can also take a little detour through the pine forest before you arrive at the port itself.

Sandy pathways and winding streets are all waiting to lead you to the island’s treasures. You will need to allow enough time to walk right around the island, as it’s quite a distance to cover and there are so many pleasant distractions.

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